Five Reasons I Love Fall


Good morning!

Autumn is probably my favorite season, so today I’m going to share five of my favorite things about it!

1. Cooler Weather


After the hot summer months, it is refreshing for the weather to finally cool down so I can enjoy the outdoors.


2. Fall Colors


Actually, where I live, the trees don’t get very colorful. But I know I can go to other places or see pictures on others’ blogs of the beautiful fall scenery.


3. Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love watching the parade, seeing family, eating the dinner, and reflecting on things I’m so thankful for!


4. Thankfulness


This connects with the previous point. I love that fall and Thanksgiving brings along the reminder to think on things I’m thankful for, and to remind others to do so as well. Every year (for two years so far) I host a thankfulness activity on my other blog, and I love seeing all of the things everyone comes up with to be thankful for and compiling them into a huge list of thankfulness!


5. The Coming Holiday Season


With fall comes excitement for the coming holidays, including Thanksgiving and the whole Christmas season!


What is your favorite season?

What do you like about fall?


Have a blessed day!


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