How to Make Watercolor Resist Art – with Crayons


One of my favorite art mediums is watercolor. A unique and fun technique for card-making and art pieces is watercolor resist. It’s very simple–the special ingredient to make it work is a white crayon!

Here’s what you need:


  • The paper or card you want to decorate (You can use normal computer paper, but your paper may warp from the water)
  • Watercolors
  • A paintbrush and water
  • A white crayon

You don’t need a cat for this technique, though they do make a nice companion.

Step 1:


Write or draw something on your paper with your white crayon. Whatever you write is what you should want to be white (the part that is resisting the watercolor). Be sure to press firmly. Play with the lighting or tilt your paper if you want to see what you are writing.


Step 2:


Now grab your watercolors and paint over your writing! Don’t layer too much, or the effect could start wearing out.



That’s it! You are done in just two steps! Have fun making watercolor resist art!


Have you ever tried watercolor resist before?

Are you going to try this technique?


Have a blessed day!


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